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Update from the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) Conference

Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata NorthSeptember 9-10, 2019By John Neale Many of us have heard about self-driving cars. We have all seen commercials by car manufacturers touting their new car’s ability to stay in the lane or detect hazards with their proximity alerts! Many will even force the car to stop. I was driving a new Ford …

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Keeping Goulbourn Forced Road Open

                                                                                                                        July 19, 2019 Mr. Stephen Willis General Manager Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development City of Ottawa Dear Mr. Willis, The Kanata Lakes Community Association (KLCA) would like to bring to the attention of the City of Ottawa the need to keep the Goulbourn Forced Road (GFR) open to vehicular traffic from Kanata Avenue to …

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Cycling infrastructure now open at Herzberg/March intersection

Back in the fall of 2017 new cycling infrastructure was installed at the corner of Herzberg Road and March Road.  However, the cyling crossings were not painted and the dedicated cycling lights were covered over. Well that’s changed… as of Tuesday night the work is finally finished.  Enjoy!

All about roundabouts

At our June 19, 2019 meeting Riley Carter from the City of Ottawa gave the committee an update on roundabout considerations in the city. His presentation is attached.

New name, web site and e-mail address

We have a new name, web site and e-mail address!  We are now the Kanata North Transportation Committee.  Our web site is now  You can contact us at:

2018/2019 Ward 4 Winter Report

Councillor Sudds has published the Kanata North 2018/2019 winter maintenance report, summarizing the   feedback received from our community. This has been shared with city staff to make improvements for future years. Winter-Report-Final

Improvements to March Road Signal Timing

  Councillor Sudds has been working with the city to find solutions to ease thedaily congestion on March Road leading into the Kanata North Technology Park. A thorough traffic study was undertaken, collecting data, and new signal timing plans were developed, using computer software simulation. After running many tests and fine-tuning the system, updates to …

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Urban Cycling Workshop held on May 8

On May 8th, community members gathered at the Richcraft Rec Complex to take part in a workshop on cycling in the city.  The presentation by Jen Stelzer of Envirocentre covered a variety of topics, including: basic bike safety equipment and hand signals proper lane positioning different options for making a left turn how to use …

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Urban Cycling Workshop coming on May 8

This interactive workshop offers tips on route planning in your neighbourhood, best practices for becoming a confident rider and addressing the concerns and benefits of commuting by bike. Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 7 PM – 8 PM Richcraft Recreation Complex 4101 Innovation Dr, Kanata, Ontario K2K 0J3 We will discuss local infrastructure and talk …

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Road Safety Action Plan Public Consultation Questionnaire

The City of Ottawa is looking for public input on traffic safety issues to inform a Strategic Road Safety Action Plan. The purpose of this survey is to help understand what Ottawa residents think the City’s priorities should be in order to reduce the number of people injured or killed in traffic collisions. Go to …

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