Pedal Play Tool Kit

Pedal Play is a half-day mobile bike rodeo, where participants of all ages learn and practice bicycle handling skills in a fun, non-competitive environment by taking part in various interactive learning activities, occurring over a predetermined neighbourhood route.

The event is designed to target the following three demographics:

  • Younger children; (primary school), to enable biking to school or their community park, safely with increased competence and confidence;
  • Older children; (secondary school), to learn they are a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act, and to gain the knowledge and competency to cycle accordingly; and
  • Adults; to become familiar with basic cycling competencies and the applicable portions of the Highway Traffic Act and their set fines.

The Transportation Action Committee, Kanata-North (TACK), initiated the first mobile bike rodeo in 2016 and again in 2017. It is hoped to become an annual community event.

Click here to view a video of the 2017 event.

This Toolbox has been designed to assist anyone wanting to host a similar event in their community, and is available at no charge.

A series of sample template documents (to help plan, organize and execute this event), is included in this ToolBox. Click on any of the file links below to view or download.

1.     PP 2017 – Event Summary
2.    TB Annex A – Route and Activity Plan
3.    TB Annex B – Volunteer Roster
4.    TB Annex C – Volunteer Instructions
5.    TB Annex D – Safety Plan
6.    TB Annex E – Passport
7.    TB Annex F – Budget

8.    TB Annex G – Press Release
9.    TB Annex H – Communication to Parents

10.  TB Annex I – Poster
11.  TB Annex J – Recruiting Text for Volunteers
12.  TB Annex K – Signage Requirements
13.  TB Annex L – Support Supply List
14.  TB Annex M – Action Items