Kanata North Transportation Committee Terms of Reference


The Kanata North Transportation Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers working closely with the Councillor for the Kanata North ward of the City of Ottawa (Ward 4) to promote and improve the transportation options for Kanata North residents.


The committee meets monthly to discuss ways to improve travel to, from and within Kanata North using all types of transportation, including: OC Transpo, bicycles, sidewalks (pedestrians), and roads. The Transportation Committee works with the Councillor and various city departments to provide input and recommendations regarding specific aspects of transportation. The aim of the Transportation Committee is striving for quality service for all residents.

As our communities grows, Kanata North needs to invest significant energy to ensure that we have a comprehensive transportation infrastructure strategy that provides affordable and accessible transportation options that benefits all residents today and in the future. This includes seamless interconnections between all modes of services. The Transportation Committee, through the formation of partnerships with the public and businesses, will focus on three pillars of activity:

  • OC Transpo service (bus and LRT)
  • Road infrastructure
  • Cycling and pedestrian pathways

Further goals include:

  • Ensuring reliability of service to ensure ease of travel to, from and within the community
  • Continuous improvement of all forms of safe transportation
  • Reduction of traffic congestion by increasing transit ridership or alternate modes of transportation
  • Conservation of energy though the use of SMART transportation modes that protect our environment and are sustainable in the future
  • Enhancement of our community, so that it is safe and a desirable place to live, work, and visit
  • Inclusion of all residents young and old, able and disable, tenants, homeowners and businesses
  • Reviewing and commenting on the transportation aspects of existing or draft City of Ottawa policies, studies, master plans and development proposals

Organization and Governance

The Transportation Committee shall conduct its activities in accordance with these Terms of Reference.
The Transportation Committee works with, but is independent of, the Councillor and the Councillor’s Office for the Kanata North ward of the City of Ottawa (Ward 4).

The Transportation Committee is lead by a Chairperson, who is selected and voted on by the members of Transportation Committee. The person so designated as the Chair may change from time to time (e.g., if the current Chair person resigns, or if Transportation Committee wishes to appoint someone else as the Chair). The Committee similarly selects and votes on a Treasurer, who is responsible for the committee’s finances including the administration of the Transportation Committee bank account. The Committee is a not-for-profit organization and may raise funds, if required, to support active projects.

The activities undertaken by the Transportation Committee are organized as projects. All projects are organized around the pillars of activity. Any member of Transportation Committee may introduce or suggest a new project for consideration. New projects must be discussed and approved by the Committee before becoming an active project. Each active project should have a Committee member designated as the Project Leader for that project.

Membership and Meetings

Membership of the Transportation Committee is open to any resident of Ward 4 who is interested in improving the transportation system in Kanata North for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists.

The Committee meets once per month, usually on the third Wednesday of the month. The meetings are normally held in the Susan Finch Meeting Room of the Mlacak Centre at 2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata. There are nine such “monthly” meetings per year; meetings are not normally held in the months of July, August and December. Meeting Agendas for the monthly meetings are distributed to the Transportation Committee members ahead of time and minutes are kept as a record of all the meetings. In addition to the monthly meetings, other meetings may be held for specific projects or activities, as required.

Any interested member of the community may attend the monthly meetings as an observer or potential new Transportation Committee member. Such interested persons should first contact the Transportation Committee, either through the Councillor’s Ward 4 Office, or by sending an email request to info@kanatanorthtc.ca.

Applicability and Amendment

These Terms of Reference were approved by the Transportation Committee on May 15, 2019. They supersede all previous Terms of Reference or mandate-type documents for the Transportation Committee. Any future amendments to these Terms of Reference are be approved by the Transportation Committee.