June 2020 Transportation Updates

Councillor Sudds shared many transportation updates at the June committee meeting. These updates can be seen in the attached presentation. The topics include:

  • Trailhead Signs
  • March Road Repaving/Cycling Improvements
  • Herzberg Sewer Project
  • Sidewalk Projects
  • Temporary Traffic Calming Measures
  • Campeau Road
  • Huntmar Environmental Study
  • OC Transpo Service Changes

OC Transpo identifies 12 priority projects in 2020 Business Plan

On Feburary 19, the City of Ottawa’s Transit Commission received a 2020 Business Plan report that identifies 12 priority projects and initiatives that OC Transpo will focus on for the remainder of the year.

The 12 projects align with Council’s priorities, the 2020 budget, customer feedback and directions received through the Transit Commission. They include:

  • Customer Service Improvement – All Channels
  • Para Transpo Online Services
  • Presto Enhancements for Customers
  • First Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer Report – Line 1
  • New OC Transpo Performance Measurement and Reporting System 
  • Marketing and Advertising to Build Ridership
  • Roll-out of Retail
  • Alternative Fuels Program for OC Transpo Fleet
  • Review of Advertising – Line 1
  • Interprovincial Transit Service
  • Promoting Respect and Inclusivity in the Workplace
  • Stage 2 Preparations 

Transportation Master Plan Update

On November 30 the City of Ottawa held a workshop with the Federation of Citizens Associations (FCA) regarding the Transportation Master Plan Update. The TMP is a companion document to the City’s Official Plan, which outlines how people & goods will move in our city – on foot, by bike, by bus/LRT, by vehicle. It plans where pedestrian, cycling, transit & road networks will go (and when, and what priority).

View Presentation

New Left Turn Signal: Terry Fox Dr to Kanata Ave

There is now a a fully protected left turn light was at the intersection of Terry Fox Drive (south) and Kanata Avenue. It was installed earlier this month.

The installation of this signal is due to the effort by the Kanata Lakes Community Association. There were numerous collisions at this intersection and KLCA requested the city to conduct a study and install this dedicated left turn light.

School Active Transportation Planning comes to Kanata North

Georges Vanier Catholic School and Stephen Leacock Public School have recently joined School Active Transportation Planning. The program aims to increase the number of students walking and wheeling to/from school on a regular basis. Whether a child walks to school or to a school bus stop, the fresh air, exercise, and time with friends all support children’s physical and mental well-being and their growing independence. In addition, air pollution and traffic around the schools during bell times decreases, benefitting the entire community!

If you would like….

School Active Transportation Planning is funded by Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) and the City of Ottawa, and is delivered by EnviroCentre in partnership with Ottawa Public Health.

Construction Starts on the Campeau Drive Extension

The much anticipated construction of the Campeau Drive extension has begun. The construction involves extending the road and building a bridge over the Carp River. The extension will connect Campeau Drive from Didsbury Road to Country Glen Drive and is expected to be completed by October 2021.  

The bridge will have four travel lanes with a 5m median. Each side will have sidewalks and bike lanes with barrier curbs between bike and vehicle lanes. Solid white lanes and bike symbols will be used to delineate sidewalks and bike lanes.  

New Bike Route Planner

BikeOttawa has introduced a new bike route planner: https://maps.bikeottawa.ca/planner. You can plan and explore your route based on OpenStreetMap crowd-sourced pathways map. Use the “fine tune” feature to find a route acceptable to you.

OC Transpo Service Change for January 2020

Councillor Sudds has announced that OC Transpo will be making several service changes in Kanata North starting in January:

  • Route 63 will improve service to Gatineau with two more trips in the morning and four more in the evening. 
  • Route 266 stop will be relocated from Stop A to Stop B at Tunney’s Pasture. 
  • Reliability will improve for many routes thanks to adjustments to the times allotted for buses to complete their trips and begin their following trips (ie. More buffer time between routes ending and starting). 

For further details, please see https://kanatanorth.ca/2019/12/17/oc-transpo-service-change-for-january-2020/

City launches a new Strategic Road Safety Action Plan

Councillor Gower (Stittsville) has posted about the city’s new Strategic Road Safety Action Plan that is built on a some key themes:

  • Prioritizing human life and health.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility between roadway providers, regulators and users.
  • Human error on the roadway should not lead to death or serious injury, and road traffic systems must be designed accordingly.
  • And most importantly, road safety requires a change in culture. Roadway providers (the city, the province, the federal government, and the private sector), regulators and road users must cooperate and be ready to change to achieve the long-term vision and goals of the SRSAP.

New Signage for the Sandhill Trail Crossing at Burke and Carling

The intersection of Carling Ave and Burke Rd has been and continues to be an area of concern for pedestrian and cyclists due to the high speed of vehicular traffic on Carling Ave and the lack of any appropriate infrastructure to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians.

As a starting point, the City has recently installed a sign to advise motorists to be aware of pedestrian and cyclists in the area.

The Kanata North Transportation Committee will continue to advocate for improved infrastructure in this area as it is an important link for those travelling to/from Kanata North to/from DND headquarters or downtown.