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Sandhill Pathway: Current Conditions

New Left Turn Signal: Terry Fox Dr to Kanata Ave

There is now a a fully protected left turn light was at the intersection of Terry Fox Drive (south) and Kanata Avenue. It was installed earlier this month. The installation of this signal is due to the effort by the Kanata Lakes Community Association. There were numerous collisions at this intersection and KLCA requested the …

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New Signage for the Sandhill Trail Crossing at Burke and Carling

The intersection of Carling Ave and Burke Rd has been and continues to be an area of concern for pedestrian and cyclists due to the high speed of vehicular traffic on Carling Ave and the lack of any appropriate infrastructure to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. As a starting point, the City has recently installed a …

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Input on 2020 Temporary Traffic Calming Measures

Councillor Sudds is looking for input on where and what kind of Temporary Traffic Calming Measures are needed for the coming year. Please provide input directly to the councillor’s office. Here is a list of some of the locations where measures were installed for 2019: Street Measures Kimmins Court Slow Down for Us Klondike Road …

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Cycling Saftey and Long Term Cycling Plans for Kanata North

At tonight’s meeting, the committee heard from Alex Culley, Mobility Coordinator in the Traffic Services Branch at the City of Ottawa. Alex presented oncycling measures and plans for the city and Kanata North specifically. His presentation is attached here.

Update from the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) Conference

Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata NorthSeptember 9-10, 2019By John Neale Many of us have heard about self-driving cars. We have all seen commercials by car manufacturers touting their new car’s ability to stay in the lane or detect hazards with their proximity alerts! Many will even force the car to stop. I was driving a new Ford …

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Cycling infrastructure now open at Herzberg/March intersection

Back in the fall of 2017 new cycling infrastructure was installed at the corner of Herzberg Road and March Road.  However, the cyling crossings were not painted and the dedicated cycling lights were covered over. Well that’s changed… as of Tuesday night the work is finally finished.  Enjoy!