Input on 2020 Temporary Traffic Calming Measures

Councillor Sudds is looking for input on where and what kind of Temporary Traffic Calming Measures are needed for the coming year. Please provide input directly to the councillor’s office. Here is a list of some of the locations where measures were installed for 2019:

Kimmins CourtSlow Down for Us
Klondike RoadSlow Down for Us; Speed Board; Flex Stakes
Beacon DriveSlow Down For Us
Shirley’s Brook DriveSlow Down For Us
Tillsonburg StreetSlow Down For Us
Varley DriveSlow Down for Us; 40km/hr Pavement Markings; School Pavement Markings
Huntsville Drive40km/hr Pavement Markings
Allenby Road40km/hr Pavement Markings
Old Second Line Road40km/hr Pavement Markings; Speed Boards; Cyclo-Zone Delineators
Piper CrescentSlow/Lent Pavement Markings
Laxford DriveSlow/Lent Pavement Markings
Laxford DriveSpeed Display Board
Terry Fox DriveSchool Pavement Markings; School Area Thermoplastic
Goward DriveSpeed Display Board
Goward Drive40km/hr Pavement Markings
Goward DriveSlow Down for Us
Morgans GrantGateway Signage
Maritme Way Gateway Signage
Goulbourn Forced Road Cyclo-Zone Delineators
The Parkway Speed Display Board
Penfield DriveFlex Stakes
Fletcher CircleSlow Down for Us