Public invited to provide input for Transportation Master Plan update

The Transportation Master Plan is the City’s blueprint for transportation matters. Over the next few decades, it will guide the planning, funding and implementation of Ottawa’s walking, cycling, transit and road networks.

Since the current master plan was adopted in 2013, Ottawa has continued to prosper and grow. We’re now a city with more than one million people. We’ve opened the Confederation Line and we’re moving ahead with Stage 2 of light rail transit. We’re continuing to see a noticeable shift toward active transportation.

Growth brings its own mobility challenges, including traffic congestion, affordability of travel and access needs. With that in mind, the City has started work to update the Transportation Master Plan, reviewing the ways that people, vehicles and goods move through Ottawa. We’re studying how to improve mobility for all, including those who have mobility challenges.

The Transportation Master Plan update will take two and a half years, and will include many opportunities for public input. It will include an Origin-Destination survey, which will gather essential information about how people move through the national capital region.

Until Friday, January 24, residents are invited to provide input through a short online questionnaire about what’s most important for the Master Plan update.

Transportation planning decisions affect each and every one of Ottawa’s residents and businesses, no matter how they move through the city. Make sure you have your say. Fill out the questionnaire and sign up for updates at