Construction on the new Kizell Pond Trail has started

Construction has started on the Kizell Pond Trail as well as a new parking lot for residents to easily access the trails. The trail can be accessed on the north side from Goulbourn Forced Road via a new parking lot under construction. The trail on the south side can also be accessed at various points in the Richardson Ridge and Kanata Estates subdivisions.  

The diagram below shows the new trails in orange. The numbered yellow circles are lookout points along the trail. 

Construction is currently underway with this forecasted timeline: 

  • Trail clearing for the South Side and North Side completed in April. “Clearing” is removal of any dead/dying trees within fall distance to the trail and removal of any trees in direct conflict with trail alignment.  
  • Construction of the seasonal parking area off Goulbourn Forced Road completed in April.   
  • The trail construction work will resume in May. A pause in the work is required due to environmental restrictions for construction work on/within Environmental Protected Area lands during bird breeding season. 
  • The North trail is scheduled for completion by the end of April and the South trail is scheduled for completion by the first week of June.  

These dates are forecasted but could vary based on the supply of materials, any further COVID-19 restrictions, as well as weather conditions.