Campeau Drive Extension Project Update

The Campeau Drive Extension is continuing to progress well. This project will create an important connection to new developments and improve capacity in a key commuting corridor. The project extends Campeau Drive from Country Glen Way to Didsbury Road. 

This project includes a four-lane road, segregated cycling lanes, sidewalks, a roundabout at Winterset Road, two signalized intersections at Kanata Commons and Didsbury Road and a new bridge over the Carp River. The project is expected to be completed in fall 2021. 

Construction on this project began in January 2020. The following progress has been made to date: 

  • Earth excavation, site grading and granular work for the new roadways. 
  • Curb and sidewalk placement. 
  • Asphalt placement for roadways and cycle tracks on Campeau Drive from Country Glen Way to Winterset Road. 
  • Placement of lightweight fill material and distribution slabs for the new Carp River bridge approaches. 
  • Pouring of the Carp River bridge including abutments, deck and barrier walls. 
  • Utility, watermain and storm sewer installations. 
  • Landscaping, line painting and sign installation (Country Glen Way to Winterset Road) to allow for this portion of the roadway to be opened in 2020. 
  • Installation of guide rails on approaches to the new bridge. 
  • Commencement of traffic signal works at the Campeau Drive and Kanata Commons and the Campeau Drive and Didsbury Road intersections. 
  • Commencement of landscaping from Winterset Road to Didsbury Road. 

The work on Campeau Drive between Country Glen and Winterset, looking west. 

The view on Campeau Drive looking east towards the Carp River Bridge 

The construction progress at the intersection of Campeau Drive and Kanata Commons, looking west. 

Next steps 

In the next couple of months, the following work can be expected: 

  • Adjustments to sewer maintenance covers as well as base course asphalt paving on Campeau Drive from Winterset Road to Didsbury Road 
  • Surface asphalt placement and line painting throughout project limits. Completion of utility installations including street lighting and traffic signals.  
  • Installation of traffic signs at Didsbury Road/Campeau Drive and Kanata Commons Road/Campeau Drive intersections 
  • Work on the Carp River bridge including the installation of railings. 
  • Completion of landscaping. 

 Upcoming traffic impacts 

Campeau Drive between Country Glen Way and Winterset Road opened at the end of 2020 although some work remains in this area. Traffic interruption can be expected to allow for completion of minor work including sewer inspections, adjustments to sewer maintenance covers, as well as surface asphalt placement and line painting. 

Traffic interruptions can be expected near the Didsbury Road/Campeau Drive and Kanata Commons Road/Campeau Drive intersections and between the intersections to allow for roadwork and delivery of material to the site. Traffic will be directed by on-site flag persons and will be controlled with construction signage. Cycling and pedestrian access will be maintained. Periodic off-peak lane closures or roadway narrowing may be experienced. Please make sure to pay attention to on-site signage. 

Access to Kanata Commons community and to businesses will be maintained at all times. 

Material delivery and construction access to the site will continue along Campeau Drive from Terry Fox Drive/Highway 417 and/or Palladium Drive/Highway 417. 

The project will remain closed to traffic (vehicles and pedestrians) between Winterset Road and Kanata Commons until the work is completed.