Keeping Goulbourn Forced Road Open

Goulbourn Forced Road

                                                                                                                        July 19, 2019

Mr. Stephen Willis
General Manager
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development
City of Ottawa

Dear Mr. Willis,

The Kanata Lakes Community Association (KLCA) would like to bring to the attention of the City of Ottawa the need to keep the Goulbourn Forced Road (GFR) open to vehicular traffic from Kanata Avenue to the Kanata North Business Park (KNBP).

The KLCA believes that the existing GFR provides an essential vehicular connection for Kanata residents to travel to work in the Kanata North Business Park. In addition, the existing GFR provides direct access to the Richcraft Recreation Centre and the Innovation Park and Ride. The importance of the existing GFR was demonstrated during the recent six-month closure of the GFR for construction reasons. During the closure, traffic congestion on March Road and Terry Fox Drive increased substantially.

We understand that there is no proposal currently to close the existing GFR. However, we would like to see our views on this matter considered during the planning of the KNL development, Phases 7 and 8, north of the Beaverpond – in particular, the road infrastructure that permits the continued use of the existing GFR through the Monk Environmental Park.

The KLCA developed the attached Recommendation outlining the factors that were considered and other related information. This Recommendation was developed in consultation with the Kanata North Transportation Committee and it has their support.

The key recommendations are as follows:

  • the GFR remain open from Kanata Avenue to the Kanata North Business Park (KNBP);
  • City of Ottawa include the GFR route to the KNBP as part of its official development plan of the KNL lands Phase 7,8 and 9;
  • City of Ottawa include an intersection on the new re-aligned GFR to provide access to the existing GFR that runs through to the KNBP;
  • City of Ottawa assess engineering modifications to the existing GFR that runs through Monk Environmental Park to the KNBP to address any safety issues;
  • City of Ottawa review and consider road name changes to avoid confusion between the new re-aligned GFR and the old GFR that connects to the KNBP. For historical purposes, the name “Goulbourn Forced Road” should be retained for the portion of the old GFR that runs through Monk Environmental Park to the KNBP.

The KLCA would appreciate if the City of Ottawa planning officials would take our recommendations into account when finalizing the road network for Phases 7 and 8 in the KNL development north of the Beaverpond. We consider keeping the existing GFR open to vehicular traffic very much in the public interest and essential for efficient traffic flow in Kanata north.

The KLCA would also like to thank Kathy Rygus of your staff, for her assistance in providing information and context on this matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact the KLCA if you have any questions about this Recommendation.

Thank-you for your consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Lianne Zhou
President, Kanata Lakes Community Association

Douglas Sward
Director, Beaverpond Area, KLCA

Kathy Rygus, Planner, Development Review West, City of Ottawa
Jenna Sudds, Councillor Kanata North
David Olson, Chairman Kanata North Transportation Committee